Technology specialists transforming businesses to be mobile, digital, and innovative by doing more with less.

Wheelhouse Virtual Solutions

Mission. Business Model. Philosophy. Goal.

Our Mission

We help steer you in the right direction while you maintain control of your organization.

Our Philosophy

Technology changes. Our accountability doesn’t. We assist you to ensure that you remain innovative, competitive, and a valuable asset to your organization. Together, let’s navigate a clear path for your business.

Our Business Model

We are experts at advising you on vendor selection across a clustered cloud sky. We only work with the best-in-class providers. We help you narrow down the selection by leveraging our volume and expertise to ensure the lowest pricing and best support for your organization.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be an extension of your team as your trusted advisor. We are focused on finding clients the best solution for their unique scenarios.

Our expert solution architects have deep-rooted relationships with industry providers built on years of execution experience together. Our experience enables us to present best-in-class global business ideas and solutions which resonate with enterprise-level clients.

Desired Business Outcomes

Discovery of clients’ desired business outcomes by Subject Matter Experts with decades of execution and firsthand knowledge of industry best practices. 

Subject Matter Experts

As Agent of Record, WVS offers value as a team of SMEs which partners with the providers to provide a vital layer of expertise and strategy during the sales phase, engineering & implementation phase, and the ongoing support through customer lifecycle management.

Unique Business Requirements

Delivery of innovation, skills, and vision necessary to identify and match each client’s unique business requirements with the expertise of the providers who align with those needs.

Extension of Your Team

We do not replace or act as a middleman for the providers.  We are SMEs who are an extension of your team, working side-by-side with you and the providers to deliver world-class solutions to your complex Digital Transformation projects.  We enable everyone supporting your projects to operate in their wheelhouse, including you!

Migration Best Practices

Ensure adherence to migration best practices aligned with the providers throughout the full lifecycle of your Digital Transformation projects.

Largest privately held cloud distributor in the nation

Wheelhouse Virtual Solutions is a top partner on their Advisory Council. Together, we can bring solutions to enterprise clients with an agnostic approach helping you cut through the noise in a busy cloud market.

“Telarus stands behind Wheelhouse with resources at the ready. While Wheelhouse has expertise at working with many companies like yours, we bring, engineering, acct management, project management legal, and other resources that Wheelhouse accesses as they see fit.”
– Founder, CEO Adam Edwards

“Elan is the ‘go to’ guy when it comes to solving complex IT and digital infrastructure problems. He’s had a unique background on both sides of the fence, working as a company IT leader himself, as well as on the consulting side negotiating with providers in his client’s behalf. He’s ‘been there, done that’, having led teams in client services, project management, network operation centers, IT and systems infrastructure. I’ve seen first hand the value and confidence he brings to clients looking to streamline their IT infrastructure and unified communications since he took the step to go out on his own in 2016. Since then, Elan has built a team of people at Wheelhouse who are smart, easy to get along with, not to mention ethical. You never have to worry about Wheelhouse having your best interest at heart – that’s how they started the company and that’s why it’s one of the fastest growing agencies worldwide with Telarus.”
– Co Founder, CPO Patrick Oborne

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